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August 01, 2013



Alternative science

Astronomy replacement models Alternative science news from metaresearch.org
Charles Douglas Wehner Collected Works 
Journal of Space Mixing theoretical physics, philosophy of physics, and progress toward a Theory of Everything


AaronburgOnline “Linking the world to Iowa & Iowa to the world”
Bits of News “Giving you the latest bits”
Citizens for Legitimate Government
Doug’s Dynamic Drivel Doug Alder’s Blog
Earth To Bill Commenting on news, crime & more
Global Emergency Alert Response 2000 
L.A. Brain Terrain “For Angelenos interested in more than just driving, flirting and (net)working”
Landscape gardeners, garden services, tree surgeons Find local landscape gardeners, garden services and tree surgeons in your area
Mayan Majix “the Mayan calendar & the evolution of consciousness as presented by Ian Xel Lungold”
newsmanblog.com Blog of Dick McMichael, veteran television news reporter & anchor, author of The Newsman
NewsBack News forum
NewsWatch A consumer’s guide to the news
Shamantic.org “The Universe rattles, drums, sings & dances!”
Steaua Bucuresti Webpage dedicated to the Steaua Bucuresti football team
The Atheist Jew Blog
The Grumpy Owl Blog
weBLOG Blog on computers, science, engineering

Astronomical Societies

Aldrich Astronomical Society
 based in Paxton, Mass.
Arkansas/Oklahoma Astronomical Society 
Cardiff Astronomical Society U.K.
Manchester Astronomical Society U.K.
New Jersey Astronomical Association
University of Leicester Astronomy Society  U.K.

Gérard P. Michon - scientist, mathematician, writer & heraldic researcher

Numericana companion site to Dr. Michon's upcoming Numericana book
Final Answers to scientific/mathematical questions from the magnificent to the obscure
Cosmology 101 Explanations of the cosmological principle, cosmological redshift & more 
Kudos & Backlinks from Dr. Michon

Astro- & nature photography

Astrocruise “A photographic adventure”
Astrophotography by Bob & Janice Fera
Valentina Bacchetti Photo Studio Nature photography
Telescope Planet Skygazing instruments
Orrery store Beautiful mechanical orrery (solar system models) for sale

Scientist homepages

John Huchra vice provost for research policy, Harvard University
Ramki Kalyanaraman professor, Group for Nanoscience & Thin Film Science, Washington University in St. Louis
Jay A. Seitz Associate Professor of Psychology, York College/City University of New York
Jack Simons Henry Eyring Scientist, Professor of Chemistry & theoretical chemist at University of Utah in Salt Lake City

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  • Pov­erty re­duction, environ­mental safe­guards go hand in hand: UN re­port


  • Was black­mail essen­tial for marr­iage to evolve?

  • Plu­to has even cold­er “twin” of sim­ilar size, studies find

  • Could simple an­ger have taught people to coop­erate?

  • Diff­erent cul­tures’ mu­sic matches their spe­ech styles, study finds


  • F­rog said to de­scribe its home through song

  • Even r­ats will lend a help­ing paw: study

  • D­rug may undo aging-assoc­iated brain changes in ani­mals